What is the use of a Business Model?

In our previous article, we wrote about what business models and today, let’s go over what the use of a business model is.

So what is a business model? If you’ve read anything on the internet previously, you might have come across many big websites like Investopedia, Harward business reviews, and others.

But let me sum everything up for you in this short write up.

What’s a business model?

A business model is the revenue model of a website and it dictates how your website is going to earn money in the long run. Some business models are built to be in the short-run.

But if you’re a person who wants the business to sustain your lifestyle, you have to make sure that you create a business model to account for things from a very long term perspective.

So what’s the use of a business model?

Overall, we saw that the use of a business model is. But does it really make sense?

To me, being organized helps, and for businesses, the same thing applies. Think of it for a second. If you want to start a business and you don’t have much of an idea of where money, products, raw materials, customers, and business expenses are going to come from, you are in trouble even before you start.

I’ve been an avid reader of the business model world and this turns out to be one of the really valuable assets in terms of information that I’ve learned

How to write a business model plan?

There are three important things that you need to take care of.

  1. Know what problem you’re solving (what’s your product)
  2. Who you’re solving it for and where can you find them (your customer)
  3. How much are they willing to pay (so your profit margins)

If you keep these things intact, you should have a good foundation to start with. Now there are a lot of elements within business models but if you want something that’s in-depth, I’d suggest you go and read this article:


Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions.


~ Ninad

Business Models – The Comprehensive Guide

Planning to build a business that lasts decades? Let’s focus on the first part of creating a business. Building your personal business models.

Let’s start with understanding why a business model is even necessary?

Why Business Models are Needed?

If you’ve been reading about businesses in general, you might have come across a website that’s built specifically for business models. But if not, fret not because I’m going to cover exactly that over here.

When you’re starting out with planning your business, a business model is necessary to plan out where your revenue and profits come from.

Without a business model, you might as well be running a non-profit organization instead of a real profitable business.

So, to answer your question, a business model is needed to make sure that you generate money.

How to create a business model?

The best way to start with creating a business model is by reading through business models of existing companies.

Now once you’ve read through a few existing business models, you can move on to find your personal blanks to fill.

Great, now that you’ve figured your client base, it’s time to figure out the pricing model and then create a budget for customer acquisition.

This is called Customer acquisition cost or CAC for short.


The dots connect looking backwards

It was meant to be, I felt. We found each other at the right time, right place, and in the right way. Everything fell into place so well that I just couldn’t help but contemplate over the beauty of everything happening.

Many successful people, including one of my idols in motivating and influencing people, Steve Jobs, said “It’s difficult to connect the dots looking forward. But looking backward, everything becomes very clear”.

Her old apartment building went under reconstruction and she had to move to a different place until the construction completed. I joined my current job, and somehow, loved the company enough to stay here for so long. She ended up finding a job in the same company, and got her desk on the same floor.

I admired her beautiful eyes, peeking through those cute looking glasses. Marveled at her great looking body, and fell in love with the way she carried herself. Strangely enough, she noticed it, and fell for me too! I look ugly as fuck, but she loved it anyway xD.

She moved floors but remembered me. I kept trying to find her all the while, not knowing she has moved.

This blog, that I’d started years ago, ended up being the route through which she found me. For an entire month, I had no idea if the blog comments were by someone playing a prank, until we moved to email, and then to Google Hangouts.

She gave me a clue when I asked her name. And like an idiot, (even though I said I am Sherlock fan), I couldn’t figure out that simple clue.

She ended up telling me her name, and we met! I fell in love with everything she was. Strangely enough, I thought I had lost the feeling of love altogether. But all of it came back. When I thought it won’t happen, it did! WEIRDDD!!!

Well, everything that happened later, is now a beautiful part of my lifetime’s memory. A memory I’d happily recollect to share with friends or family.

We both had been a little disturbed, a little destroyed, a little broken from within. And with some really weird Voodoo type magic, we both had just the right stuff to say to give hope and make the other person believe that things will be better (I still managed to somehow fuck it up later)

For her, she always thought of herself as an average looking girl, when I literally couldn’t find anyone who was more beautiful than her in any possible way. 

For me, well I suck at everything, but she helped me regain lot of the lost confidence (though whenever I say “I look good today”, she laughs and says “when did I make you feel better about your looks??” Which I hope is sarcasm xD else here I’m giving undue credit).

Reiterating the metaphorical quote by Steve Jobs, I would have never known that someone like her would be a part of my life and help heal the wounds of my life (notes to myself: this sounds too dramatic. stop using this stupid phrase! ). But now that we both look back, we know that it really worked out pretty well.

Her home going under renovation, moving to a new place, joining the same company and us ending together in the company. All ended up pretty well, I’d say.

Oh yea, btw, you’re up for a little disappointment here because not all stories need a happy ending. Some stories have a great journey with no conclusions, and no endings. So I’ll leave the story hanging in here. 

For all those who need a conclusion to satisfy their OCDs, well, this story doesn’t really have one. Hope you have fun (evil-grin)


What matters – What doesn’t

Every day is a day filled with decisions. The most taxing ones are the ones you make about how external things should affect you internally.

Being introspective, external happenings can rejoice or destroy me easily. Sometimes, it’s hard, but you know what, the one thing we can all cling to is “hope”.

You may dread to go to work on some day but just a “Hello” from someone you love spending time with makes the biggest difference.

It started today when I began the day completely dead, out of senses, walking like a zombie. My vision felt blurry and so did my thoughts. Add to that some external situations which are out of control and the introspective mind dives deep into seas of negativity.

People take joy in poking fingers at you, but that doesn’t have effect any more. Voices keep calling your name but you ignore them and walk around without giving a “Phuck”.

That’s when something really nice happens.

The person you admire the most, who understands you best, who you can talk to without filters just happens to call up. Their words become the oxygen you can’t live without. Their voice, the soothing sound of sea waves.

They share with you things about their day and you share what you feel. They may not remember, they may not take the worry that you have but just talking to them feels like it’s all gone.

It’s rebirth for your soul, the bliss you craved for. Life’s ups and downs help you find the diamonds in a world full of stones. They help you understand out what matters – what doesn’t. They are the gleaming rays of  light that will shine when it seems dark.

I take this opportunity to just say thank you to the one who takes so much care of me. Someone, I don’t want to name but when you read it, you will know.

Nothing lasts forever, but neither do we. Then until the eternity of our lives, let’s stick together and not let go off this beautiful connect.


Ninad Pathak

5 tips to learn languages faster!

cropped-download1.jpgI just started learning a language from Excel Institute of Languages and it’s been an amazing experience. So just wanted to share a few things which are helping me progress.

Learning a new language is fun, challenging and healthy for your brain. With every new connection that you make to learn a new language, you are making your brain younger in functionality.

Here’s what most people think.

You are either born with the language-learning gene, or you aren’t. 

It turns out, there is no language-learning gene, but there are tools and tricks for faster learning…

Or there’s another myth that goes around

You learn languages faster as kids.

It is proven that adults can learn languages faster than kids because we can make out/fill out gaps in grammar of a foreign language easily because we know one language. The only reason why kids learn quicker as of today is because they have no choice than to learn that language and we keep giving reasons for not learning a language. That’s it! Really! 


I’m going to outline a 5 tips to learn languages faster and quicker. If you implement these tips, it will also become very easy for you to follow through and become fluent in any language you chose 🙂

Let’s start?

#1 Learn the Right Words, the Right Way

Starting a new language means learning new words. Lots of them.
Of course, many people cite a bad memory for learning new vocab, so they quit before even getting started.
But–here’s the key–you absolutely do not need to know all the words of a language to speak it (and in fact, you don’t know all the words of your mother tongue either).

You can take advantage of the Pareto principle here, and realize that 20% of the effort you spend on acquiring new vocab could ultimately give you 80% comprehension in a language—for instance, in English just 300 words make up 65% of all written material.


#2 Learn cognates (similar words in different languages): your friend in every single language

Believe it or not, you already—right now—have a huge head start in your target language. With language learning you always know at least some words before you ever begin.

Starting a language “from scratch” is essentially impossible because of the vast amount of words you know already through cognates.
Cognates are “true friends” of words you recognize from your native language that mean the same thing in another language.

For instance, Romance languages like French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and others have many words in common with English. English initially “borrowed them” from the Norman conquest of England, which lasted several hundreds of years.

Action, nation, precipitation, solution, frustration, tradition, communication, extinction, and thousands of other -tion words are spelled exactly the same in French, and you can quickly get used to the different pronunciation.

Change that -tion to a -ción and you have the same words in Spanish. Italian is -zione and Portuguese is -ção.


#3 Interact In Your Language Daily Without Traveling

Another reason (or excuse, depending on how you look at it) people cite for not learning languages is that they can’t visit a country where it’s a native language. No time, no money, etc.

There is nothing “in the air” in another country that will magically make you able to speak their language.

I’ve met countless expats who lived abroad for years without learning the local language. Living abroad and being immersed is not the same thing. If you need to hear and use a language consistently to be immersed, can’t virtual immersion be just as effective? Of course.

Technology makes it possible for immersion to come to you, and you don’t even have to buy a plane ticket. Fortunately enough, Excel Institute of Languages has technology based language learning for free for students who attend physical lectures. And they also provide just the technology part at a very nominal price!

#4 Skype Today For Daily Spoken Practice

So you’ve been listening to, watching, and even reading in your target language and all in the comfort of your own home. Now it’s time for the big one: speaking it live with a native.

If your goal is to learn to speak the language, then that’s what you must focus on and start right away.

There are 7 days in a week and “someday” is not one of them.

I’d recommend learning some pleasantries such as “Hello,” “Thank you,” “Could you repeat that?” or “I don’t understand,” many of which you will find easy to use in any language.

#5 Embrace Mistakes

Over half of the planet speaks more than one language.
This means that monolingualism is a cultural, not a biological, consequence. So when adults (at least in the English speaking world) fail at language learning, it’s not because they don’t have the right genes or other such nonsense. It’s because the system they have used to learn languages is broken.

The way you do this as a beginner is to use everything you do know with emphasis oncommunication rather than on perfection.

This is the pivotal difference. Sure, you could wait until you are ready to say “Excuse me kind sir, could you direct me to the nearest bathroom?” but “Bathroom where?” actually conveys the same essential information, only removing superfluous pleasantries. You will be forgiven for this directness, because it’s always obvious that you are a learner.

Don’t worry about upsetting native speakers for being so “bold” as to speak to them in their own language.
One of the best things you can do in the initial stages is not to try to get everything perfect, but to embrace making mistakes.


So that’s it for this post. To be honest, learning a new language is not just rewarding in the sense of an energetic young mind and memory and stuff, but it is a really satisfying experience because you actually are able to measure your progress and see it. It’s just like working out in the gym, the beginning is hard but slowly and steadily, as you start seeing your biceps toned and your body becomes fitter day by day, you get more motivated to workout and the more your workout, the better your body looks, and the cycle continues.

So what are you even waiting for, just jump into it.

If you are looking to learn a language in Mumbai/Bombay, you can join Excel Institute of Languages . These guys are amazing to a point where I actually felt like writing a 1000+ word post about languages. And yea, even if you are not in Mumbai, as I said before, they also have online lectures which have the same content explained very well. But it’s fun in the classroom because you have people around you with the same interest and you can have fun with the language in the classroom. Either way, Have fun!

I hope you liked the post, let me know if you have any questions, or anything in your mind that you think I could be of help to you, let me know through message or comment. I’ll respond as soon as possible 🙂

~Ninad Pathak

Go The Distance!

Go The Distance. Success is a journey, not just the goal
Every moment you are alive, you are successful! And  You  are the most successful person on the planet! The circumstances you’ve been through, would’ve have easily weakened someone else!

Be proud of yourself but don’t stop! Because if you do, that’s the end!

Success has a lot of meanings.. Or let me say, approx. 100 billion different meanings.. Every living creature wants to succeed.. Animals feel success when they kill their prey, or survive an attack. Plants feel success when they blossom. Success could very well mean many more things than just these..

But it becomes very different for humans! Success for someone could mean survival, while for someone else it could mean owning or changing the world!

Whatever is the meaning of success for you, if you know that it will make you happy, JUMP IN!  What are you waiting for?

It's an unknown territory and a lonely beginning. But keep moving forward and you'll find the most amazing personalities ecstatic to see you!
It’s an unknown territory and a lonely beginning. But keep moving forward and you’ll find the most amazing personalities!

Remember though, when you jump into any unknown territory, you have to know that you know nothing!

The unknown territory has millions of people who are far better than you are when you enter it! Your work is to learn from them, and with their help go beyond their teachings and then find the next person, improve yourself every time until you reach the best!

It’s not about showing your worth here! It’s about proving your worth!

Time and time again, you will fail! You will want to give up so bad but you have to Go The Distance! There’s no turning back! Because for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction! Don’t believe me, even science says that!
If you get hurt, know that the journey is just trying to make you capable of handling the success!

Just be with it and instead of trying to push against it, learn things with an open mind!

The journey will turn you into a better human being not just capable of handling your success destination, but also more mature and understanding.
The journey will turn you into a better human being not just capable of handling your success destination, but also more mature and understanding.

Go the Distance and then it won’t matter if you win or lose!

You’ll fall so much in love with the journey and the knowledge, that you’d be happy whatever happens!

But always keep striving to be the winner! Because giving up is never going to be an option here!

Have fun and enjoy every moment.. 🙂

Find the limitations and jump over them! Break Rules and Break Free!

What are you?

The “WHAT” instead of “WHO” was on purpose.

So try to think over it before you read further..

Since childhood, we’ve been told what things are possible and what are not.

You’ve surely heard of this story but lemme give a short summary..

A circus elephant is tied to a thick rope since childhood so it doesn’t escape. The elephant tries a lot to break the rope but cannot. After months or years of trying, it gives up. The elephant grows old and strong enough to break the rope or even bring down the whole circus tent with one blow. But it doesn’t even try.

What does this short story teach us?

When this story was told to us long time ago, I realized that the limitations imposed upon us by the society were only so that we stay with them and become like them. If they let us free, how will they exercise control over us.. Right?

Once you understand this, the next part is to get it into real life!

The most important and difficult part for many is taking control of life.

It’s SO easy to blame the teachers for your bad grades. It’s SO easy to blame the boss or co-workers for stress in your life. It’s SO easy to blame anyone for that matter.

Everyone does it! 5.99 billion people do it! Congratulations, you are a part of the crowd!

But now it’s time to move ahead and leave the crowd behind you!

Everything that is in your life, is a choice of yours. And when I say EVERYTHING, I mean Every Single thing!

You’d say “but oh I am poor because my parents are poor and I can’t do anything about that!”.

Ofc you can’t. If that’s what you want.

But remember, every choice you make has the power to change your future!

If there’s something you feel is not right, or you feel you deserve better, MAKE A CHOICE RIGHT NOW!

What in the world are you waiting for if that one choice could make your life better!

“But what would happen to ________ if I do _________”.

Remember one thing.. If a person honestly loves you, they will NEVER EVER stop you from improving your life.. They might give you some advice which is again your choice to take or reject.

Now make up your mind! Make a list of things that need to be better.

Don’t keep listing things that you ‘DONT’ want… List things that you DO WANT..

Once the list is made! Your question is, now what??

Before changing any external things in your life, you have to understand that everything that happens to you, is your responsibility.

If you are sad, it’s because you chose to be sad rather than finding a way to get rid of it.

If you are financially down, you aren’t working SMART (not hard) enough to get out of the situation.

If you are stressed, you chose the stress over happiness.

If you are stressed because of work, try to find better ways to do the same work so you feel happier and not pressurized. If you still can’t find a way, learn a new skill you like and find a job where the skill is appreciated, or start up your own business no matter how small.
One burning candle is enough to light a whole room of darkness. So no matter how small a step you think it is, if it will bring joy to you, stress wont stay any more!

And anyway Stress isn’t a part of life at all! People talk about stress management as if its a part of your life that needs to be managed! You don’t need to manage that crap. It needs to be gone forever.

Surely now, you don’t need any more of this. You understand that you have control of every single aspect of life!

Now the next step is to get practical and working.

You have all the things that should be better or things that you want!

Remember that anything you badly want, will be yours because you work that much more towards achieving it.. Its not miracle that happens if you start believing positively or anything as such. It’s just as simple as that. If you just think positively sitting on your couch all day, things will stay the same. You have to work to get what you want.

Since you have taken control of your life, aiming for a goal isn’t really hard.

You just have to know that no matter what comes in between, YOU CAN DO IT

Just get out of the couch and start moving towards the goal! Even if it is as simple as starting a healthy lifestyle!

You just need to consciously take control instead of letting laziness take over for anything!

Your body isn’t interested in moving, or taking the pains to do anything. YOU ARE! And you HAVE to force the body to do it! AND YOU CAN!


Pat yourself on the back and scream out like a little kid if that’s what it takes!! 

 You  have completed one of the most difficult steps that 5.99 billion people were too lazy or too scared to take!

Now there’s one last thing that you have to get rid of, and that’s too easy !

The fear of being successful!

Many people come so close to success and stop! I was one of them until I fell down and realized that it was just my fear that took me to the ground!

Though it felt like everything was over, the inner voice didn’t let me sit there like nothing!

YOU are Amazing and that’s what you deserve.. You don’t deserve just the ordinary!

You deserve the best! And if you worked for it, there’s nothing better than it then!

Last thing I’d like to add is that I’m not a successful person YET! In fact I’d say, I’m broke because of some wrong decisions that were taken before realizing this.

Now if you want to fall, to learn, then do so.. Take some wrong decisions and learn from them! Whatever it takes, Just get up and do it !

You deserve the BEST !

I wish you All the Best in your future endeavors ! The awesomeness waits for you! Get ready for it!



Growing out of teens: A letter to an extremely close friend.


Time’s have changed, and so have we.

The silly things we talked before, seem utter non sense most of the time now.. It is so noticeable how differently we talked then and now.

All the time you haven’t been with me, the changes have been tremendous and I think I either really got left far behind or went too far ahead of them. But it surely hasn’t helped me either way.

There’s a sense of extreme happiness whenever we greet, meet, talk, have fun. But there’s a sense of fear that I might say something that would just not be right at that moment. I’m sure, you remember, we both weren’t like this anytime before. Speaking out the heart was one of the most easiest things for us. But now I really do not know how to get that thing back.

Those times when I speak silly stuff to you these days, its only because I have the same fear of sounding stupid.

Those times when we are talking and I end up having nothing to say ? Its not because I have nothing to say, but its because there’s some things I don’t know if I should talk about.

Those times when I crack a joke and then I realize how stupid it was, I try to move on to other topics, it’s just because there are so many thoughts going on in my head. Not wanting you to know the thoughts because you might get bored, I try to put them aside and be cheesy funny with you. But of course, it has to end up being stupid because there are totally different thoughts running at the back of my head.

And the times when we end up having those awkward silences, you know what I am thinking in those times? I admire how lucky I am to have a person like you in my life.

With maturity I feel, we don’t actually grow out of childishness, but we start taking too much pressure onto ourselves. And maybe that’s why older people just keep thinking because they have too many things to think about.

Yes, childhood was awesome, and growing older has its advantages too. But we cannot just wish and become children again no matter what.

You very well know that this is not what I used to be! So I just want to tell you my dearest friend, in these tough times, I need you to help me until I am able to walk on my feet again. Then I am sure, our fun times would be back like they were before, and I wont even need to think before speaking to you. I just want ‘us’ to be the same way we were, when we actually got close in the very beginning.

And I want to say that you are the most beautiful person on this planet, and friends like you are extremely rare and I am very lucky for that.:)

Accept the reality : Everyone is here to leave..

Everyone is here to leave this world someday or the other. All you have to do is carry on with your journey of life.
Everyone is here to leave this world someday or the other. All you have to do is carry on with your journey of life.

As time passes by, you realize things changing. People say, time heals everything and that’s true. Time makes you stronger. Every second you survive, you become stronger and more desensitized to the world’s enmity, anger, sadness, and depression. You learn to live life the way it is actually meant to be lived.

Life doesn’t happen, it is what you have created. It is what you have been creating, and what you will create for the future.

So let me get back to what I want to say today.

Every person in your life, whomever you meet, greet, get attached, love, whoever it is, is going to leave you someday or the other. And its the same with you. You are going to leave someone some day as well.

Because, nobody is here to be with you. They are here to live their lives. Your state of mind attracts some kind of people to you at a point of time, and once you are out of that state of mind, the people start changing.

Have you ever noticed, when you get depressed for some reason, you tend to attract two kinds of people.

One, those who try to bring you out of the depression.

Two, those who are depressed, themselves and want someone who has had similar experiences in their lives.

Is it coincidence ? Not at all.

Lets take another state of mind, Happiness.

You attract all the fun loving people, you tend to accompany the fun loving people. The sad ones usually stay out of your life when you are extremely happy about something.

But what would happen, if you start thinking that nobody cares for you?

It’s going to be worse. You start pushing everyone away from you. And this makes you believe it more. And so the belief becomes stronger and stronger.

You start becoming dull and dry with conversations, you experience changes in yourself which you know are not good but they are just happening. You do not know what to do about it.

You know what, instead of thinking about the people who move away at such times, there’s something I learned.

You got to trust me, because I only post when I have the exact same experience happen very recently.

So yea, what should you do when such a time occurs?

If you are a believer in God, or an atheist,

Just believe that this is a test, FOR YOUR CLOSE ONES.

This is not a test for you, but for your close ones.

This is supposed to be a new beginning to a better life!

If the one who was closest to your heart walks away, it was the wrong person you got attached to.

Life isn’t about having all the happiness. Life isn’t about enjoying everything every time. You have your ups and downs. And the downs are when you get to see who really cares for you.

You always know in your heart that this sad and dull person isn’t the real you but you need time to get back to the real one.

Those who stay with you in your bad times without complaining of you being boring or too sad or anything are the ones whom you should start caring for. They are the ones who would stay with you for a long long time.

The ones who just think you are plain boring because of this bad time, take it as time you ‘donated’ to charity.

You do not expect returns from a charity and you just give it and forget it. These people are similar to that.

Try and let go off those people from your head by spending more time with those who bother.

If you end up having nearly no one to care for you, your family is the perfect friend of yours.

And if at all, you end up being all alone, You can always talk to me..

I would never let you feel down. Because the world is huge, and you have gotten a chance to start life over.

Take this opportunity, begin by selecting very carefully. Trust only those who gain your trust. Forcing trust will lead you to losing people.

Lastly, I am here, if you end up needing someone badly. So feel free to talk…

What is a Problem ? A solution to every single problem in the Universe


Hey guys, I am very sure you remember me. Its been really long heh! Enough said, I am gonna jump to the point directly.

So you have problems?

Everyone faces problems, Every single person on this earth. Even the ones who seem the happiest face problems.

So what’s the difference between you and those other people?

The difference is, the way they look at the problem.

You had problems the moment your life began. First it was to learn to breathe, then to open your eyes and then start exploring other parts of the body. Learning to walk, talk, etc..

Those were all problems you faced with all your might without even noticing it!


Very few people have the capability to face problems the way little kids do! And if you are one of those few people, you are extremely strong !

Someone told me long time ago when I was going through some problems in life,

“Tough times never last, tough people do!”

Trust me, this was one of the most inspiring things someone said to me at that point of time.

 You’ve been on this earth for 20 years, 40 years, 50 years, or maybe more or less!

But you survived these years because you were strong enough! You were so strong that you hit those problems in their faces, and walked over them!

And you have to admit that these same problems seemed very silly when you walked past them and looked back later.

When you were in your teens, breakups, rejection and relations seemed like problems to you.

But now that you are out of it, would you look back and say that those did make sense at all? NO! You probably wont!

Exactly that way, at this age, you might have problems relating to money, family, children, responsibilities! But you know what? When you grow out of it, these problems look very small. It starts to seem like you could have performed much better even in those difficult times!

That’s where perception comes into place.

If you look at a problem the way you would look at it 10 years from now, I am sure you will have a 100 new ways of facing the same stupid thing!

You’ll learn to keep a straight face no matter how serious the problem is because you have grown immune to them. You know that these are just stumbling stones! All you need to do is step over them and move!

“What you believe is true for you”

You have heard this lots of times at lots of places from many people. If you start believing that the problem is your fate and part of your life, it becomes true for you !

Instead if you think of it as something too silly to worry about (I know this is very hard because even I was told these things in my time) but if you believe that the world hasn’t ended, You are still alive and have a long long time to make everything possible. No matter how short the time span, you WILL turn your life totally upside down! Things you never expected will start happening! And guess what ? EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE EXTREMELY INCREDIBLE !!

It all is going to start from one place, YOU!

If you learn to believe in yourself and change the way you perceive things, NOTHING, lemme say it again,

NO ***** Thing in this world can stop you!

Your world is your own Canvas! You have the colors and brushes! And whatever happens or happened in your life is, and WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR OWN CREATION!

So Draw great things! Those brains in your skulls are capable of doing far greater things than contemplating the past!

Last thing I wanna tell you for today,


mark my words or quote me here, its the truth and wont change.

~Ninad Pathak